Orders for 2017 delivery now closed

Orders for 2017 have now closed so any queens ordered now will be for June 2018 delivery, weather permitting. I post out queens in the order they have been paid for and I always check first to arrange a suitable posting date. I hope to get all pending orders posted out by the end of September but the weather is not being helpful for queen mating at the moment.

About Jonathan Getty

Jonathan Getty is a member of the Belfast & District branch of the Ulster Beekeepers Association and is at least a fourth generation beekeeper in the Getty family. His main beekeeping interest is queen rearing based on our native bee Apis mellifera mellifera. He started up the Belfast Minnowburn queenrearing group several years ago and it now has about 70 active members. He also manages over 50 colonies of his own and has plans to expand. Jonathan holds a BSc Hons in Psychology from Queens University Belfast and gained a postgraduate teaching qualification at Stranmillis Training College. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.
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2 Responses to Orders for 2017 delivery now closed

  1. Terry Chamberlain says:

    Hi, I ordered a queen in June ! could you let me know why I have not received it? regards Terry.

    • Terry.
      Many apologies.
      I just checked my records and your payment was in the wrong folder so I overlooked it. I should have posted you a queen ages ago.
      I can still get one to you if it is not too late or I can refund your payment.

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