Posting dates for queens

Check here for an estimated posting date.

If you have already ordered I should be able to post on Tuesday 30th August.

About Jonathan Getty

Jonathan Getty is a member of the Belfast & District branch of the Ulster Beekeepers Association and is at least a fourth generation beekeeper in the Getty family. His main beekeeping interest is queen rearing based on our native bee Apis mellifera mellifera. He started up the Belfast Minnowburn queenrearing group several years ago and it now has about 50 active members. He also manages about 30-40 colonies of his own. Jonathan holds a BSc Hons in Psychology from Queens University Belfast and gained a postgraduate teaching qualification at Stranmillis Training College. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.
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18 Responses to Posting dates for queens

  1. Jason says:

    Hi Jonathan, if i were to order 3 queen when would i expect them i would pay via paypal and i live in Southampton England

  2. Sue Dollimore says:

    Just checking that you got my email confirming it was alright to post my new queen this week, I sent it on 13th July. Is she in the post or are you posting her tomorrow?

  3. Paul says:

    Evening Jonathan, from the looks of it your queens are in high demand! Is it still possible to buy one? Cheers

  4. Monica (Todmorden) says:


    Just ordered a queen and paid through Paypal. Need her now as hive has no queen.
    How soon Can I have her?


  5. Trystan says:

    Hi Jonathan, do you still have any queens left, and what time frame are we looking at? I’m in Pembrokeshire South Wales.
    Thanks very much

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      I keep grafting until September. At the moment probably about 2 weeks until I can post. I always have a backlog to clear of prepaid orders.

      • Trystan says:

        Just paid for 2 last night. If there is any chance of maybe at least 1 a bit earlier as I’ve got a queen less colony and the other is just laying drones. They are both swarms I got earlier this year and are not that big yet so want to get them going asap. I may end up combining them, any thoughts or advice great fully received. Thanks

  6. Brian DANE says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    I am expecting a queen on Tues or Wed (2nd or 3rd Aug). Please let me know which day if possible.


  7. Gareth Jones says:

    Hi Jonathon, can you give an update on when I can expect my queen.


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