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native black queen Orders are now coming in for late June 2018 delivery, weather permitting.
I post out queens in the order they have been paid for and I always check first to arrange a suitable posting date. If you want a queen early in the season please order asap.

Use the Paypal button below to order your native queen.

I always contact customers before posting to arrange a suitable posting date so no need to email re holidays or time away from home etc.

Currently I post queens to the UK (both NI and GB)
Price in Sterling – GBP

Queen Purchase

All queens are marked with the current year colour and can also be clipped on request

want queen clipped?

How to introduce a queen

Alternately, please send a cheque for £35 + £1.99 P&P to Jonathan Getty, 80 Locksley Park, Belfast, BT10 0AS
Cheque made payable to Jonathan Getty.
E-mail jonathangetty80 at

215 Responses to Buy a Native Black Queen

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  2. Jonathan foster says:

    Hi. I would like to try one of your native queens. However I am away now until the 3rd Aug. How would you recommend that I order one from you ? Pay for it now for delivery in August? Are there going to be any available in Aug? Should I wait until I return then order ?
    Kindest regards

    Jonathan foster
    S on A. Warwickshire

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  4. Fiona McCabe says:

    Hi looking a queen have you any available at minute.

  5. UWBees - worcestershire uk says:

    Thanks for a terrific queen. Arrived in excellent condition, and is now in her second
    brood cycle. Lovely temperament yet dealing with wasps without a bother.

    What can i expect in regards to peak brood nest size ?

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Thanks for the compliment!
      At this point in the season most brood nests are contracting a bit so a single box should suffice.
      I give some a mine a second brood box in May when colonies are hitting maximum strength.
      If in doubt, give more Space. Some queens want to lay up more than 10-11 frames.

  6. Tim Wylie says:

    Thanks Jonathan,

    Queen arrived safely this morning, much appreciated.

    Superb service / speed of delivery and attention to detail…. 10/10.

    btw I grew up in Belfast before ending up over in Cambridgeshire. Superb to have a Queen from purer Irish stock, she’s definitely more undiluted than my other two dark Welsh bred AMMs.

    Best of luck and thanks again.

    Kind regards


    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Thanks Tim. Hope the queen does well for you. The Native Irish bee breeders work pretty closely together and you should be able to get some very good AMM stock from Ireland. NIHBS has a committee meeting this Sunday in Port Laoise and I will be meeting up with a lot of them.

      Best wishes,


  7. Martyn Hartley says:

    2 lovely new queens arrived safely this week.
    Both released and accepted in less than 48 hours
    Delighted – thanks Jonathan

  8. james wyatt says:

    How pure are your black queens and are they ready to lay .
    I think i have found a way of inseminating new queens the natural way without being set upon by outside drones.
    I have also got a method in which i can separate a swarm and take out all the workers and put them with a black queen to produce new drones and workers which are all black. It means that i have to kill the old swarm queen and all the swarm drones, but it works. Hence the reason i am going to start again and cleared all my old bees.
    In my opinion, anybody that continues to keep breeding the non indigenous species of black bee should be ostracised, blacklisted and sent into Coventry. All they are doing is condemning an indigenous species to extinction.
    Do they feel sorry for the tiger for instance, How about all our song birds that are disappearing.
    All bee keepers should be helping one another to breed a pure strain of black bee. But alas i have found the average bee keeper to be insular, secretive and very selfish and cliquey. This is one reason that i will not join a club. Maybe it is different in Ireland as i live in Hampshire.
    Having said that, it is so easy to catch and separate a wayward swarm into two sections. The same can be done with a hive colony but it is a bit trickier. One section holds the drones and the queen, and the other section holds the workers. From there it is easy to introduce a new black queen of the purest strain possible, to the workers into a new hive without any brood or infectious old strain of drones.The resulting eggs will gradually turn the whole hive black and have more resistance to the dreaded verroa mite.
    Of course the old swarm queen and the drones must be killed, but they are a much weaker, non indigenous form of bee anyway.
    I have also found a way to breed the new queen without allowing bastadised drones from interfering .

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Hi James.
      All you have to do to change the genetics of a colony is remove the old queen and replace her with a mated queen. There is no need to remove drones if your new queen is already mated.
      We have some very good Amm stock in Ireland and this has been demonstrated by various studies and surveys over the years such as the Jensen and Pederson study (2005) which looked at introgression of genetic material from other subspecies. There is a new genetic survey just underway associated with L.I.T. which is collecting samples from all over Ireland including some of mine.

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  10. Robert Jordan says:

    Hi Jonathan

    I’m wondering what the current waiting list is like for mated queens if I placed an order?

    Many thanks

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Hi Robert.
      Always depends upon weather but late June early July would be my estimate. I have quite a few orders in already.

  11. Alix Harwood says:

    Hi Jonathan
    I’ve just ordered a queen, which I’m very excited about, I’m hoping she’ll come late July or early August, d’you think that’s likely? Could I ask you to email me a few days before she is posted to let me know she’s on her way! Many thanks, Alix.

  12. mark fisher says:


    So pleased to have found your website. For various reasons I have given up queen rearing -as an urban beekeeper I have founding results of mating disappointing.

    I prefer black bees so I would like to buy a clipped queen from you, but I am away from June 14-21st



  13. Harry Caldwell says:

    Greetings Jonathan,

    Was just in Ireland last week on holiday & met a bee man, Seamas Kennedy who lives in Churchtown, on the Hook Peninsula, loved his dark Irish bees. I was wondering if I Can get a mated queen shipped out to me, I live in Alaska, have been a bee man for many decades, always Italians. My issue is some hives make it through our long cold winters, some times not, I would love to try a hardy Irish black bee & see what happens…
    Look forward to hearing back from you…

    Thanks Harry
    907 232 1653

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Harry. Sorry I only sell queens within the British Isles.

      Best wishes and good luck with your beekeeping.


  14. Steve says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Assuming you have native dark queen available, if I were to place an order on, say the 25th June what might the estimated delivery date be.
    Kind regards

  15. Gwen Earnshaw says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Do you have any mates queens available at the moment?
    I would
    Prob prefer to call and collect?
    Many thanks
    Gwen (Killinchy district)

  16. Stuart UK says:

    May I ask are they mated queens and do you have any available at the moment ?

    Many thanks


  17. w wright says:

    Can queens be collected

  18. Sue Dollimore says:

    I’ve just ordered a queen from you and paid by Paypal, what’s the eta on her?

  19. Ali says:


    I am interested in buying some black queens and some mixed ones. I’m taking them abroad so I was wondering if you supply a health certificate.


  20. Ali says:

    I’m a UK resident. I was just wondering if the bees come with health certificates? Thanks for the swift reply

  21. Richard Walker says:

    Hi Jonathan

    I split a hive of bees a month ago leaving a good queen cell in the new hive. Seems that the queen has not returned from her first flight as I now have a hive of honey and bees but no brood.

    Wondering if you have a mated black irish queen that could replace the one I lost.

    How quickly could I have it from confirmed order? I live in lower ballinderry co antrim



  22. dan says:

    Hello, thanks for all the info above
    Do you think there is still time this year to make a nuc introduce one of your black queens and then, all being well, combine it back with the original colony after de queening it? do you have any black queens left that could be posted to England?

  23. Amanda says:

    Hello Jonathan
    I ordered another queen, via this website, earlier in the week. Am I likely to get one of your current batch of queens, ie posted out this next week (3 August onwards)?

    I’m very pleased with the one I had from you in June. She’s laying well and the bees are really quiet on the comb.

    Best wishes


  24. Richard Walker says:

    Absolutely brilliant service provided. The advice that went along with the purchase was second to none.

    Very highly recommended

  25. William maher says:

    Do you still have native mated queens for sale

  26. Garry Miller says:

    hello Jonathan
    i ordered 2 queens last week and was wondering if you could let me know how you are doing with them as i am away from home on thursday and friday and dont want them left in a cage for too long

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Hi Garry. If that was the order in the name of Hazel Miller I posted them this morning so they should be with you tomorrow.

  27. Martin Cahill says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    Do you currently have mated Queens available? I see your mention of 24th August. Please let me know. Thank you.


  28. Martin Cahill says:

    Sorry, just saw recent comment after posting. If I order now, when would she be shipped? Thanks.

  29. Toby Vanhoeck says:


    Do you also sell small colonies? I would like to start with the black bee but i don’t have a colony yet.

    Kind regards

    Toby Vanhoeck

  30. Fiona Baker says:

    Hi, desperately seeking a mater black queen for my sadly queen less hive. Can you help? Hope to hear from you. Thanks, Fiona

  31. Michael O'Neill says:

    Hi Jonathan

    I have a queenless hive at the moment and was wondering if you happened to have a mated queen available. I am able to collect if that helps
    Many Thanks

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      sold out at the moment but I’ll get in touch if anything becomes available.

      • Scott McKay says:

        Hello Jonathan, my name is Scott McKay. I am from Wisconsin in the United States. I am currently working on a project. I am trying to create my own queens that are pest, sickness and cold weather resistant. So far I have all my own queens, a few are 7 generations removed from the original mass produced bee I bought from Kona Hawaii. I would love to introduce one or two of your native black queens to my colony. I use no chemicals or additives with my bees. I also run completely fondationless. I have found great success in doing this. I almost never experience hive losses except for the occational swarm, I often won’t stop a natural swarm from happening unless I plan to spit the hive. I am wondering if you can ship to the USA or if maybe you know of someone that can. I am trying to add more genes to my colony to help strengthen their immune system. My bees are doing great, there are mites in the hives, but my bees seem to deal with them and keep them in check. I only have 10 hives currently but I started with 2 hives several years ago. In the last 4 years I have only lost 2 hives. Please let me know if you can help me in any way. I don’t make any money in doing this. This is not a job for me. I honestly just love honey bees and I want to see them make it. I am hoping to prove to people that bee’s need to evolve naturally and that sometimes nature knows best and people need to butt out! 🙂 Thanks for your time and good luck with the production of your queens. I have been following the success of the breeding process of them for sometime.

        • Jonathan Getty says:

          Hi Scott. I can’t ship queens to the US. You would probably be best to look for what you want locally. There are a lot of folk working with varroa tolerant stock in the US.

  32. Mark O'Reilly says:

    Hello Jonathan

    Placed a booking for Two Queens.

    Best Regards Mark

  33. Bill Sievwright says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    Just for the record.
    Thanks for your e-mail of 4 February confirming receipt of my order for 3 queens.



  34. Mathijs says:

    Do you sell queens to the Netherlands?
    Can I contact you personally by email?
    Greeting Mathijs

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  37. Andrzej Kusz says:

    Hello Jonathan, I have purchased two queens from you last year and I have been very happy with how they performed. Do have any queens left over from last year as I need to requeen one of my carnica colonies.

  38. Andrzej Kusz says:

    Hello Jonathan.
    I placed a booking for one queen.

  39. Stephanie Green says:

    Dear Jonathan
    I have just placed an order for a clipped queen but I couldn’t seem to get both items on one transaction so they have gone through separately.
    I will be away in early July. How much notice do you normally manage to give before sending out?

  40. Keith Stratton says:

    Hi Jonathan, I have ordered 2 queens from yourself can you please email me around a week before delivery as I can ensure that I am at home kind regards keith stratton

  41. Rob laing says:

    Re the queen you are sending to me this week cac you post to arrive with me on Wednesday or Thursday as I am off work and can deal with her right away. Regards, Rob

  42. Qelik says:

    Hi I brought a queen last night when will I recive her ?

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Hi. Mid July if all goes well. I always have that info at the top of the order page if you check.

  43. Aaron says:

    Hi I have just ordered a mated queen from you, when do you estimate delivery?
    I have 8 hives and was thinking of going native with them all ? Armagh area

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Got your order thanks.
      I should be able to post before the end of July.
      I have a few orders in which I have to post out first


  44. Kieran says:

    Hi Johnathan do u have any mated queens… I’m lookin for one.26/7/16.

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      I always have a few. I post them out in the order they are paid for. There would be a couple of weeks waiting time at the moment.
      I only post to GB and NI

  45. Ewan says:

    Hello, have you any available mated queens at the minute? I inspected my hives yesterday and found that 2 of the 3 are only laying drone brood.

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      I always have a few and I post them out in the order they are paid for.
      I could probably post around 8th August, ie Monday week.

  46. Aaron taylor says:

    Hi any idea of when my queen will be posted?
    Many thanks aaron

  47. Tracey Blacker says:

    Are you still looking at w/c 8th August for delivery of mated queen bees?

  48. Aiveen says:

    Hi Jonathan,tried to email you but it blocked email.Have you still got a queen for sale?Can I just ask what the temperament of your bees are like,although I never do this could they be worked without a veil or is the full kit required to work them?I have become a lot more sensitive to stings since being put on heart medication.
    All the best Aiveen

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Temper is good. I only use a light observation smock when working with the bees to keep them off my face. Working without a veil is daft as even the best behaved bees can have an off day. I usually have back orders to clear so there is a couple of weeks delay between ordering and posting. UK only.

      • Aiveen says:

        I totally agree with always wearing a veil even on the gentlest bees was just trying to get some sort of temperament idea.I was in the Isle of Mann last year at one of their agricultural shows they had a bee section with an observation hive when I asked about temperament they invited me to call to their teaching apiary.The girl at the apiary Breeshey Bree had a bee suit and gloves for me.She put on her veil, rolled up her sleeves and went through five hives and not a sting.Really friendly people and doing a great job preserving there native bees.

  49. Garry Miller says:

    Hello Jonathan if I order a queen now will you have one ready to post next week?
    Thanks . Garry Miller

  50. Simon says:

    My queen arrived safe and sound today Jonathan, in the hive now, hopefully everything will go well, when do you usually have queens available in the new year, weather depending of cause

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      I start grafting early May and usually have the first queens available in June. I usually get the first orders for the following season before Christmas and I post them out in the order they are paid for. I should have queens available until some time in September this year as I still have a lot of Apideas out. The key variable is the weather. This year we had a period of about 4 weeks from 10th June to 7th July and I hardly got a queen mated. Luckily early June was perfect so I got a reasonable number mated early on.

  51. ben miller says:

    Hi Jonathan ,

    I’m probably chancing my arm here but would you have a queen left?

  52. ben miller says:

    Fantastic. I will go on now and purchase. Chat soon.

  53. thibault says:

    Hi there
    do you have a queen left?
    with thanks

  54. Noel Cummins says:

    Is there any chance you could post a mated queen to cork if I ordered? I have a hive not doing so well and requeening seems to be my only option.

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Sorry, UK addresses only only. Can’t do RoI posting due to excess administrative problems with health certs.

  55. Aaron says:

    Hi I ordered another queen off you this morning, do you have queens in stalk and when do you think it’s possible to post, many thanks, your last queen I got a few weeks ago is doing good, she had laid out the brood box already

  56. ENDA says:

    Hi I am looking a mated queen – would you have any at this stage?

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  58. Ed butler says:


    Do you post queens to ri?, if so I’ll be buying one

    Thanks ed

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Sorry Ed. I have done so in the past but it is far too much hassle with all the paperwork involved with the health certs.

  59. Rosamund Heath says:

    Hi do you still have queen bees available?

  60. Keith says:

    Hi Jonathan
    Delighted with AMM queen ! Can I ask do you routinely re queen in September. There seems to be a few schools of thought

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Latest I have requeened is November when I discovered I had a queenless colony. Early September is still plenty of time imho. I requeened 3 colonies last week.

  61. Raf Davila says:


    Do you still have any Queens available?

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Yes, I still have a few

      • James Ellison says:

        Hi there
        I started keeping bees three years ago when I bought a nuc of black native bees. Since then I’ve had a few swarms, but the new mated queens last year and again this year are rearing very aggressive hives. Somebody told me these virgin queens are getting mated with what ever drones are in my area i.e. Ballyclare
        I do like the native black bee so can you recommend what direction I should go to cam the temper of my bees. I see you are selling queens next year is this the way I should go?

        • Jonathan Getty says:

          It can be difficult to keep stock pure unless you have a lot of drone producing colonies in the area. Requeening should sort out the aggression.

  62. Alistair says:

    Many thanks Jonathan – new Queen arrived today.

  63. Mark O'Reilly says:

    Many thanks Queen arrived safe and sound today.

    Regards Mark

  64. thibault says:

    Hi Jonathan
    do you still have queens? I fear that my main hive has just gone queen-less, going to check today, is it to late to re-queen?
    The other queen I got from you is doing great.

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Sorry, out of queens now. I would guess your colony still has a queen, maybe a supersedure queen not started to lay yet.

  65. James Ellison says:

    I’m just thinking about next year, would it help if I added a few drone foundation frames into each hive next year to increase the number of drones in the area? Is it worth trying this or is it a waste of time.

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      I put one or two drone combs in all my hives. It works better if you have a lot of colonies concentrated in one area

  66. Liam Ryan says:

    Hi JoNathan what is the best way to introduce one of your mated queens to an existing hive with an old queen ?
    Regards Liam
    If you have answered this query on this forum l’ll find it thanks

  67. Lukasz Godlewski says:

    I want to buy a breeder queen bee.

  68. jane b says:

    what is the earliest your queens are available and when would i need to place an order for them ? I am looking for about 10 queens.
    many thanks

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Hi Jane. I have orders coming in at the moment and the first queens are usually available some time in June. The availability depends upon weather in May and June. I post out queens in the order that they are paid for. If you order now June should be no problem.


  69. Hallo Jonathan,
    Would you be prepared to post two or three of your native queens to me in The Netherlands. I have native bees here and have been a beekeeper since 2011. To widen their gene pool I would like a couple of your mated queens.
    Thank you for your interest, Lindy

  70. Gregory says:

    Do you ship to the USA?

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  72. E. Frank Kogut says:

    Do you ship to New York, USA?

  73. David morris says:

    Do you ship to United states

  74. Peter says:

    Hi. I got one hive of bees only and opened hive today as was very warm. Looks like I got no queen after winter. No brood, no eggs, loads of honey. Do you know if there is any way to buy queen bee at this time of the year? I guess April is too late already;(
    Thank you for your help.
    Peter from London

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      to early to get any local queens unless someone has overwintered a few extra ones in apideas or mini nucs

  75. David Morris says:

    Was wandering if I could get one shipped to United States.

  76. Peter Watt says:

    Can you let me have your BACS please as I do not use PP nor have a cheque book.

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      I think the Paypal link allows you to use a credit card if you click through.
      My bank details are:
      Bank of Ireland
      Sort Code 90-02-95
      Account number 69042727
      Jonathan Getty – Trading as Lagan Valley Bees

  77. Peter Watt says:

    Please email me so I can give you my address.

    P. Watt

  78. Charles Harrison Simmons says:

    I don’t suppose, you can ship to the States, can you?

  79. Simon says:

    Looks like I’ve paid for 4 but only wanted 2

  80. David Morris says:

    Can you ship to unites states?

  81. Tom says:

    Hi . Have you any queens ready for shipment to U.K. Regards Tom

  82. Julie says:

    Do you have a queen available now? Thanks

  83. Eric Milton says:

    I am looking forward to seeing if a near amm queen is better suited to a scottish island climate than a Buckfast or Italian.

  84. Michael Devlin says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    My name is Michael Devlin…. I’m writing on behalf of my father, Kieran Devlin and he asked me to send you a message.
    Basically, he has ordered three queens with you and although he initially asked for them to have their wings clipped, would it be possible for them not to have the wings clipped, when they’re posted out?

  85. Simon says:

    Hi Jonathan, just wondering how far down the list I am for queens, I ordered 2 in April, the reason why I’m asking is I’m going away on holiday in 2 weeks and you won’t be able to contact me.

    Cheers Simon

  86. Mark Davies says:

    Hi Johnathan. I placed an order for a queen via PayPal on 25th May. Do you have a rough idea of a dispatch date please.

    Mark Davies

    • In most cases it will be what it said on the website at the point of order as I update the estimated dispatch time on a regular basis. This week I posted out orders which came in in February and March. I imagine by mid July is likely although as always it depends upon the weather.

  87. Chris Williams says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    I sent you a payment for a queen on the 7th April , as the time for you to be sending me a queen is rapidly approaching. I have to inform you that I am away from the 26th July to the 2nd August inclusive. Can you please avoid sending me a Queen between those dates.
    Thanks Chris.

  88. Wesley says:

    Hi paid for queen last week where it still said they be sent out July. Is that still the case or august now.

  89. Robert Joyce says:

    Jonathan, is there a way we can do some business please. Thanks

  90. Timm Ott says:

    Greetings, would you ship overnight or 2 day to N. Idaho, USA? I have a small queenless split and would very much like to introduce black genetics into this colony. The hardy black bee genes would be great in our cooler climate as we’re next to the Canadian border. Please let me know. Cheers.

  91. Rylan Edwards says:

    Looking for a queen, do you have any available now?

  92. Raymond Beatty says:

    Can you contact me via email address, I am enquringing to see will you have any queens available asap.

  93. Dani Akrigg says:

    Hello Jon
    Is it possible to reserve a couple of queens for early next year?


    • Hi Dani.
      The earliest I can manage is usually the first half of June if that suits.
      I usually do my first grafts in early May.
      I have a few orders for 2018 in already.


      • Dani Akrigg says:

        Thankyou Jonathan ( sorry I put Jon…..that’s what folk call you on BKF)

        I shall Pay via Paypal just now and get in touch next year.
        So many of my friends talk so highly of your queens, by the way


        • I answer to Jon, Jonathan of Johnny!
          Glad the queens are well thought of.

          • Dani Akrigg says:

            Ordered and paid for.
            Can you tell me what size box these bees do best in. I keep my local Welsh Mongrels in 14x12s but if you think these are too big I can pop these queens into a poly 8 frame or maybe try one in each?



          • Most of mine are in single nationals and I add a second brood if they need the space mid summer.It varies from colony to colony. They should do fine in a 14 x 12. My queenright cell raiser colonies are all on double brood separated by a queen excluder.

          • Dani Akrigg says:

            Thanks Jonathan
            Looking forward to next year

  94. Alan H says:

    Hi. I was wondering how late you are likely to be selling queens (delivery dates, rather than purchase dates)? Is it possible to buy two queens from different parent hives? I am also wondering how docile the AMM’s are, please?

    • The queens I sell should all head up colonies which are gentle and easy to handle.
      I should have queens available until the end of September but I am currently clearing up a backlog due to poor mating weather in August.
      I graft for two or three queens at any given time so it’s not usually a problem to provide two unrelated queens.


  95. Brian Thornbury says:

    Hi Jonathon
    Do you have a queen available?

  96. simon says:

    do you have any queens for sale now

  97. Laith says:

    Any idea if u can ship to Iraq please?

  98. Jeff Dulong says:

    Hi Jonathan, are you already taking orders for next year or should I wait? Thanks.

  99. Paul Winder says:

    Hi Jonathan
    Are you able to supply nucs to the UK?


  100. Jesse meppen says:

    Will you ship to the u.s.?

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