Queens available

I should have most of the backlog of preorders cleared by the end of June and will have more queens available from the start of July.
native black queen

About Jonathan Getty

Jonathan Getty is a member of the Belfast & District branch of the Ulster Beekeepers Association and is at least a fourth generation beekeeper in the Getty family. His main beekeeping interest is queen rearing based on our native bee Apis mellifera mellifera. He started up the Belfast Minnowburn queenrearing group several years ago and it now has about 50 active members. He also manages about 30-40 colonies of his own. Jonathan holds a BSc Hons in Psychology from Queens University Belfast and gained a postgraduate teaching qualification at Stranmillis Training College. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.
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6 Responses to Queens available

  1. Castor says:

    Hi Jon,

    My wife is concerned that if I buy a couple of AMM queens from yourself we run the risk if generating a stroppy bee as they interbreed with our existing stock – which is this year a mongrel mix of Italian/Carnie/Feral black-ish thing.
    What do you think the risks of that are? We have twelve hives.

    Andy AKA Castor

    • Jonathan Getty says:

      Crosses between any subspecies of bee run the risk of producing stroppy hybrids. Buckfast crosses with non Buckfast are also terrible. if you let your bees requeen themselves at random you are taking pot luck. That applies to any subspecies not just Amm.
      If you control/remove drone brood you wont be putting anything into the mix if that is your fear.

      • Castor says:

        “If you control/remove drone brood you wont be putting anything into the mix if that is your fear.”
        Good point!
        Your order is in your inbox – Thanks!

  2. Andrzej Kusz says:

    Hello, have you got any available now?

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